Training Resources

To help employers and employees comply with the Electronic Cigarettes Act (ECA), we compiled some resources to educate owners and employees on the requirements of the law. All resources are free for download.

Not to Kids

Supplying electronic cigarettes to anyone under 19 years of age is against the law. The Not to Kids website has a variety of useful resources to help store owners, employees and the community at large understand the requirements of this law.

  • The Not to Kids Binder
    The Not to Kids binder is a free downloadable PDF which is an educational training manual for store owners and employees. Keep this manual close to the cash register for reference use. *Note: The Not to Kids Binder is a resource for both tobacco and electronic cigarette vendors

Government of Ontario

The Government of Ontario has a Web page that outlines the electronic cigarettes (vape) rules.

Electronic Cigarettes Act, 2015

The Electronic Cigarettes Act, 2015 is available for download.


Helpful Tip

The ECA states that a store owner/operator is responsible for the actions of his/her employee(s) unless the owner exercised due diligence to prevent any contraventions. Use of this website by an employer in order to train staff does not necessarily prove due diligence for the purposes of a prosecution.

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